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Neck strap made using silk braids, cherished as a stylish accessory for traditional Japanese attire. You can enjoy the delicate beauty unique to silk. It is a sturdy yet gentle-to-the-skin piece crafted by a renowned Kyoto braiding shop. The strap is meticulously sewn by skilled artisans. The exterior of the “yatsuori-himo” is meticulously assembled using the “Kara-ori” technique, resulting in a balanced stretch, durability, and a structure designed considering its contact with the skin. The supple nature of the silk braids allows for shooting by wrapping it around your hand or adjusting its length by tying it, showcasing the unique flexibility of silk braids. The white hand stitches applied to the central part of the leather area have become an iconic design of Artisan & Artist, making this long-selling strap beloved worldwide. SPECIFICATION WEIGHT: 40g BODY SIZE: L1,200(±5) x 8φmm MATERIAL: Silk, Leather (Italian) COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Made in Japan

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